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Many might wonder why anyone living in a city that gets an average of three moths of snow on the ground would even need air conditioning. Those of who live in Calgary, however, know that an efficient air conditioning system is a lifesaver during those dry spells and summer heat waves. Average temperatures for the summer months in Calgary may not imply it, but pleasant summer nights and scorching hot days is something that locals are all too familiar with and air conditioning makes all the difference in the summer months. What some Calgarians do forget is how important proper maintenance of air conditioning systems is, even though they may be used for a relatively small number of days during the year. Clearview air conditioning maintenance will provide you with provide you with quick and competent service and an energy efficient, clean and beneficial air conditioning system.

Energy efficiency

In Canada, central air conditioning systems must meet minimum efficiency standards and those efficiency ratings are measured by a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER). A properly maintained air conditioning system will operate more efficiently, thus reducing energy and maintenance costs, carbon footprint, and providing an all around safer environment in your home. Especially because air conditioners aren’t used year round in Calgary and tend to gather dirt and other foreign substances that would later be released through the system, air conditioning systems should be checked and maintained regularly. Air conditioning systems that are used more frequently should be checked once a year, while those used less frequently should be checked every other year. Regular maintenance should always include a thorough cleaning of your system, as that is essential to providing a healthy environment and energy efficient air conditioning system.

Health benefits of a properly maintained air conditioning unit

Keeping your unit clean and checked for dirt, condensation and other elements isn’t just about saving on your energy bills and decreasing your carbon footprint. A poorly maintained air conditioning system could collect chemicals from the household cleaning products used in homes and cane even promote the spreading of microorganisms and infectious agents. As long as you maintain the air conditioning system in you home or office, keeping it clean and working efficiently, your air conditioner will provide you with a clean and cool environment that includes filtration of the circulating air, humidification and even disinfection of your living or work environment. Over the few but usually very hot and dry summer days in Calgary, a properly maintained air conditioning unit can literally save lives among the elderly and those with chronic health conditions, like asthma and allergies, by providing a clean, hypoallergenic environment and cooler, pleasant temperatures during serious heat waves.

Maintenance and new air conditioning units

Clearview staff and representatives are known for being helpful, efficient, and attentive to our customers’ needs. Talk to Clearview representatives about how you can make your air conditioning unit more efficient or about getting a new air conditioner. Our representatives will be ready to advise you and install or service any model of air conditioner that you choose.

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